A Thirst for Knowledge


Whisky: A Global Spirit

In recent times, interest has grown in the World of Whisky. Once seen as being consumed exclusively by a “club culture” older generation, people of all ages are now enjoying whiskies from around the globe: production has increased not just in Scotland, but other parts of Europe, the United States, Japan and India.

People & Production

As the choice of available whiskies expands, so does interest in the history, provenance and stories behind the distilleries and the remarkable people (both past and present) whose lives are dedicated to producing this noble spirit. Despite a history of production going back over 250 years, there are still no clear answers as to why so much intrigue, romance and variation surrounds a drink which, after all, is made from only three ingredients; grain, water and yeast.


Acquiring The Taste

Whether a novice, self-proclaimed connoisseur or just seeking further enlightenment to help in the appreciation or better understanding of the ‘Water of Life‘, the Whisky Protagonist offers you and your associates a range of talks and/or tastings to cater for all palates.


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