Certified to Talk Whisky

Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre

Certificate of Expertise with Distinction in the Sales & Service of Scotch Whisky

Moray College, Elgin, Scotland

Scotch Whisky Course Certificate in the understanding & Tasting of Scotch Whisky


Abundant Knowledge...

“Prior to your events, I knew a little about whisky but just how little became immediately apparent. You clearly have abundant knowledge of the product and it’s diversity. In your presentation you skilfully and enthusiastically imparted a great deal of interesting information in a manner that appealed to all.”

A little warmer now...

“You expressed the complexities of each whisky tasted and helped us to appreciate the delicate nuances that were awakening our taste buds. We were all able to share humour and conviviality and left the evening better informed, feeling a little warmer inside”

An informative evening...

“Not only was it an informative evening but it was highly entertaining with your style of presentation reaching out to all the audience, to make it a thoroughly good interactive event”

A totally memorable night...

“A great evening’s entertainment, thoroughly professional and informative. Enjoyed the eclectic range of whiskies you provided, and the presentation made for a totally memorable night”

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